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The two best things on earth? Chocolate & music. The combination: the new chocolate brand “Bronski – Belgian Guitar Chocolates” based on Bronski, the band of guitarist Jo Cassiers and Carine van Heghe van Backsound!

What started as an idea of merchandising for Bronski, ended as a new chocolate brand. Why? We got our inspiration from guitar music, the cosiness of studio sessions, rehearsal rooms, meetings with record companies, the backstage and the hotel lobby. We want to share that atmosphere with you! Waiting for the (tour)bus is now possible with a guitar chocolate in your hand!

Bronski Belgian Guitar Chocolates Milk

Your unique moment of chocolate

For Leon, chocolate is going to grandma’s after a day of school, taking off his shoes, taking off his briefcase, doing homework and then eat a snack while watching a movie. Marte says she finds comfort in chocolate during a broken heart and Daan finds his daily dose of happiness in chocolate with a cup of coffee.

We eat chocolate for a reason. “Bronski Belgian Guitar Chocolates” are full of love for good music and real Belgian chocolate, for every chocolate moment!

What is chocolate exactly? Of course chocolate is very tasty, that’s because it contains sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa mass derived from cocoa beans. A cocoa bean is a fruit of the cacao tree.

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Did you know...

1. …many people like chocolate because the melting point of cocoa butter is slightly lower than 37°C? That’s why it feels so good when chocolate melts in your mouth!
2. …cocoa contains antioxidants and is therefore good for blood pressure and blood vessels? A small amount of dark chocolate a day can thus improve your health!
3. …chocolate is at the basis of the invention of the microwave oven? Percy Spencer, a man who worked with microwaves in the forties, discovered that a chocolate bar had melted in his pocket. He immediately understood the connection.
4. …the symbol of a chocolate gift is love? Phenylethylamine, a substance found in chocolate, causes your brain to create endorphins. It makes you feel happy (or even in love). Do you want to express your love for someone? Now you know what to do!
5. …chocolate contains phenylethylamine but also tryptophan, a substance that creates fireworks in your brain that make you feel happy or even euphoric? So chocolate can really make your day!

Do try at home

1. Milk or dark chocolate with: coffee, almond, sage, raspberry, caramel
2. White chocolate with: vanilla, raspberry, berries, olive, caviar

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